Peer Study Sessions



Peer Study and Discussion Sessions: Learning with Peers and Peer Support:

We believe that peer support in a collaborative learning environment is a significant component of one’s learning process. It is the perfect setting for students to practice and improve academic skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. With this aim, peer study and discussion sessions are designed for students to develop effective learning skills by seeing the good examples from their peers through problem-solving and discussion activities. Students share their ideas and academic knowledge/experience in a friendly environment and form/develop a learning culture together.

The sessions are offered mainly for the Science of Nature (NS 101/102), Calculus (MATH 101/102), and Humanity and Society (SPS 101/102) courses from 1st-year university courses list1st-year university courses are a part of our university’s core curriculum and are taken by all freshman students regardless of their intended major at Sabancı University.

Peer study and discussion groups are guided by “peer moderators”. They are selected among the freshman students who take the university courses and lead the study sessions at the same time. They encourage their peers to participate in discussions and problem solving through collaborative working techniques in the study sessions. Thus, students have a chance to learn from each other, realize their potential, and internalize effective study skills through peer interactions.

Students can attend any study session available to their schedules. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION. Click to see the weekly schedule of Peer Study and Discussion Sessions.