Preparatory Course for Science of Nature (PreNS)


23-26 September 2023


Preparatory Course for Science of Nature (PreNS), is an optional program that is offered to freshman students who have passed the English language proficiency exam (ELAE).


This program, which consists of academic workshops, various social and sports activities, aims to increase the success of the students in the first year university courses and help the students’ adaptation to university life.


In the academic workshops, lectures and problem solving/discussion sessions will be held for the participants to learn the basic science and mathematics knowledge required for their success in first year university courses.


Furthermore, students participate in workshops that are designed to improve their English reading skills in the Social and Natural Sciences. Students will also be provided with the opportunity to perform experiments in labs and participate to a "Maker Workshop" in SU Collaboration Space.



Please click here to see the detailed programme of the course, including lectures, workshops and social activities.

Lectures, problem-solving sessions and workshops will be held with the participation of lecturers, experts and senior undergraduate students working at Academic Support Program. In these studies, students will work in groups in an active, enjoyable learning environment.


In addition, the students participating in the program have the opportunity to get acquainted with Academic Support Program, which is an essential part of Sabancı University education system.


Students who complete the program are given a certificate of attendance1.

All lectures and workshops in Pre-NS program are held in English.





 Please review the test in the LINK

► If you think that you need to strengthen your basic knowledge in Mathematics and Science, we recommend that you

    participate in this program.

 Do not forget to check the detailed content of the lectures and workshops, part of the program before you register.



    This program is open to all students who will become freshman in Fall 2023-2024 Semester.

     Enrollment is limited.

    ► Program Registration Fee: 1250 TL.

    ► Accommodation Fee in Sabancı University Dormitories (22-26 September 2023): 2000 TL (Optional).



Register Date: 05 September - 23 September 2023




1 In order to receive a Certificate of Attendance, it is compulsory to attend all lectures, problem solving sessions, related exams and 70% of the workshops in the afternoon.



For further information about the program, please contact:


Akif Ulaş Bilgiç

Academic Support Program Specialist

University Center 1st. Floor, 1004                                   

Phone: 0216 483 9496

Fax: 0216 483 9480


Zeynep Özal Kurşungöz

Academic Support Program Leader

University Center 1st. Floor, 1005                                                

Phone: 0216 483 9485

Fax: 0216 483 9480