Academic Integrity


Dear Friends,

As student moderators at Sabancı University’s Academic Support Program (ASP), we are aware of our responsibilities. In ASP, as we do with all activities within the university, we embrace and abide by the Academic Principles. In all our challenging courses, we aim to be successful by studying honestly, without choosing the easy way out, and we would like to express that we embrace this mentality wholly and unconditionally. Meaning, we are neither teachers, not students you can pay for one-on-one sessions or to do your homework. We are merely clean and pure students who want to study and learn with the other students that join the study sessions, and that volunteer their time for others in this regard. We, like you, also have friends that do not abide by the Academic Principles. I am sure you have asked yourself why you should study earnestly while they pass their courses by barely lifting a finger. Rest assured, we also have this dilemma, but we choose the right way. Because we want to protect what it means to be a Sabancı student and the value and prestige of our diploma. That is why we should all work to make sure our profile as Sabancı students remain honest and moral. Because we know this, we follow the hard yet honest path, and hope that you do, too. 

On behalf of the students working at ASP, Hakan Buğra Erentuğ


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ASP has a debt of gratitude to Elif Filiztekin who has been a part of our study about Academic Integrity.  We thank her for her help with the research of the topic, the fruitful discussions, and the translation of Hakan Buğra Erentug’s note about ASP's academic integrity policy