Where is the Academic Support Program (ASP)?

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University Center, UC-1001, study rooms UC-1002, 1003-B, 1004, 1005, 1007 and 1028.

How can I follow the activities of the ASP?

You can add the ASP activity calendar to your personal calendar (google calendar, android, or iphone calendar) to follow all ASP activities (Study sessions, seminars, workshops, recall sessions).

Weekly schedules of the MATH, NS, and SPS peer study and discussion sessions are posted on mySU and are announced on the SUCourses of MATH, NS, and SPS courses.

You can view the schedules of ASP seminars, workshops, and recall sessions from our website or from mySU announcements. Sign up is required for workshops and recall sessions. The information required for sign up will be included in the announcement.

Who can I inform about my requests at ASP?

You can send an email to or contact to Zeynep Özal Kurşungöz (zeynep.kursungoz@sabanciuniv.edu, Office: UC-1005, Phone: 0216 483 9485) or Ulaş Bilgiç (ulas.bilgic@sabanciuniv.edu, Office: UC-1004, Phone: 0216 483 9496)

Working hours: Monday-Friday between 8:30-17:00

Which ASP activities are suitable to me and how can I reach information about these programs?

If you want to regularly go over study material with your peers every week, you can come to Peer Study/Discussion Sessions that are suitable to your schedule. You can reach the Schedule for Peer Study/Discussion Sessions for the following classes at the announcements:SPS 101, SPS 102, NS 101, NS 102, MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 201, MATH 203 and MATH 204.

If you are repeating MATH 101 or MATH 102, and you want to participate in one-on-one study and Senior Sessions under expert guidance, which are organized specifically for you, then email us at adp@sabanciuniv.edu or Zeynep Özal Kurşungöz zeynep.kursungoz@sabanciuniv.edu.

You can follow the seminars (Future Seminars and Subject-Based Discussions) through the announcements on mySU and the posters hanged on campus. You may find more about seminars from our website. You can send your topic suggestions to adp@sabanciuniv.edu.

How do I become a peer moderator at ASP?

If you would like to work with us and become a peer moderator at ASP, you should fill out the job application form posted on MySU announcements by ASP at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semesters.

You can get more information about the peer moderator position and the application process from the ASP help desk at the University Center or from the contact informations below. Please note that the help desk at the University Center is only available at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters during the application period.  

You may email to and/or contact to Ulaş Bilgiç ulas.bilgic@sabanciuniv.edu, Office: UC 1004, Phone: 0216 483 9496.

Working hours: Monday-Friday between 8:30-17:00