About Us

“Academic Support Program (ASP) provides a friendly, interactive, and engaging learning environment where you can study with your peers, attend study and discussion sessions, workshops, and recall sessions”. 


► to study in collaboration with your peers in the subjects of MATH, NS, and SPS courses

► to use the ASP learning environment and resources

► to develop study skills required for becoming independent learners

► to lead the peer study and discussion sessions to help your peers.

► to get a better first year experience and support from your peers in the process of adaptation to the university life

► to get help one-on-one or in small groups with your friends for MATH 101/102 and NS 101/102 if you need to strengthen your background knowledge

► to attend the workshops/recall sessions to remember the background knowledge required to understand the content of courses or to get a deeper understanding of challenging topics in the content of the courses.