The Preparatory Course for Science of Nature (PreNS) is an optional program that is offered before the beginning of each Fall Semester and is open to all freshmen. The attendees are awarded a program certificate* upon their completion of the program.

The program constitutes of a Course and Scientific & Cultural Workshops, and it is structured to facilitate the freshmen’s adaptation to the university life and to contribute to their academic success in University Courses** and in particular in Science of Nature Courses**.

The purpose of the Course is to prepare students with different educational backgrounds for the common curriculum of the freshman year. The course contributes to the comprehension of basic mathematical concepts and equips the students with basic tools that are necessary for the cognition of fundamental concepts in sciences. While the basic mathematical concepts, such as algebra, analytic geometry, differentiation, integration and trigonometric functions, remain at the core, the course content is designed to cover their applications such as vectors, velocity, acceleration, force, work, and energy. The course is offered in an interactive environment and engages the participation of fellow students from Academic Support Program***.

Scientific & Cultural Workshops are operated with the collaboration of faculty members, experts and the students working at Academic Support Program. The workshops consist of activities whereby the students are introduced to an enjoyable learning media, and get involved in lab-experiments, discussion sessions on the screened movies, space observation, cultural trips and more.

The program also introduces the students to the Academic Support Program, which is an integral part of Sabancı University’s educational system.

The students who do not feel confident about their basic science or mathematics backgrounds/knowledge are strongly recommended to register to the Preparatory Course for Science of Nature.