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To the Attention of all Sabancı University Members

As members of the Academic Support Team, our primary aim is to encourage and facilitate learning as an end in itself. Having said this, we are fully aware that the process of learning and expanding ones academic and personal horizons is not an easy task to achieve. We realize that not every student will feel comfortable in achieving their personal goals. With these assumptions as our starting point, every member of the Academic Support Program is sincere in their efforts to offer students support when they encounter difficulties. The Program, being limited to University Courses, promotes the cause that every individual can only develop and benefit from their learning experience as an individual. However, this is not to say that individuals should be left to their own devices when difficulties arise. The mission of the Academic Support Program, which has been wholeheartedly internalized by all Academic Support Team members, is learning and learning to learn, as well as supporting and sustaining a learning environment that is essential for a healthy academic and social climate. The Academic Support Program's core is Active Learning Sessions. This program is uniquely designed and structured; and based on ‘active learning’, ‘critical thinking’, ‘peer support’ and sharing peer experience by putting forth good examples to facilitate student adaptation to university environment and enhance learning.

To belay concerns over our activities, we feel it pertinent to point out that the Program is not a substitute for, or an alternative to any portion of the content of existing courses offered by the University. As such, we feel it necessary to clearly state that we offer neither compact knowledge nor tutorials, which would clearly undermine existing course aims. The main instruments of the Program are Peer Study and Discussion Sessions held in a controlled environment. Under no circumstances, are our activities geared towards passing courses and completing assignments.

Directing our message to the student body, we would like to emphasize that fulfilling class obligation, participating in lectures, discussion/recitation sessions, completing assignments and projects are your personal responsibility as a student. Having met these responsibilities, our role is to offer you encouragement and a learning environment, where you have the opportunity to elaborate on, and develop ideas, which you have come across during class/study time. Gaining effective study habits can be a long and arduous process, the results of which may not be instantaneously translated into ‘A’ grades. However, with due diligence and perseverance, we are confident your hard work and effort will help exceed your own expectations. The graphs on our announced reports are only a reflection on the success of some of your friends, who have attended our programs. All we offered them was our shared experiences, and a sincere learning environment.

This said, we are aware of the fact that we do not meet immediate student expectations or the habitual assumptions of the teaching community in large. Nonetheless, our programs are open to observation and criticism and we particularly welcome all freshmen students, who would like to be a part of the adventure of learning along with their peers.

Finally, we would like to reiterate our conviction that Sabancı University offers a unique opportunity to discover and fulfill your potential as confident individuals. We are of the view, that it is this singular environment, which motivates you to be productive, creative, and critical individuals. Within the parameters of our mission and beliefs, we are here to assist in any way we can.

Academic Support Peer Study/Discussion Session Program Team