About Us

What can we do together?

  • You can make use of our Active Learning Peer Study / Discussion Sessions, which we specially designed to address your needs in the subjects of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social and Political Sciences.
  • You can join One-on-One Tutoring and Sessions Under Expert Guidance that are organized specifically for you to make up any deficiencies.
  • You can participate in Workshop Study, designed for each class, in order to revise the notions and topics discussed in class, grasp the material, and improve your success.
  • During the process of choosing diploma programs, which is a very important process in our university, you can participate in "Informative Peer Seminars on Undergraduate Programs” (IPSUP) and receive support.
  • You can prepare for for the Natural Science and Math classes that you will take during the first semester of your undergraduate education through Preparation Class for Nature and Science (PreNS).
  • If you want guidance while studying for SPS 101, SPS 102, NS 101, NS 102, MATH 101, and MATH 102, you can come to the ASP to visit the Helpdesk during its program.
  • You can receive support in using your potential to the fullest by discovering your skills and in internalizing these skills through practice.
  • You can work as an assistant in the first year of your undergraduate education, lead the peer study and discussion sessions and help your peers.
  • You can work in collaboration with us in topics related to learning information from its source, making full use of the university space and opportunities.