Would you like to be a Mentor?

Would you like to be a “Mentor”?

Dear Students,

Would you like to be a “Mentor” in 2017-2018 Academic Year?

Who’s a Mentor? 

“Mentor” helps the newcoming students in adapting to the university life, gives information about the social and academic issues, helps them meet with other students and helps to create a more inclusive atmospehere at the dorms.

If you are interested in being a Mentor and fullfill the following criteria, please fill out the form given below and send it to bagem@sabanciuniv.edu with “Mentorship Application” subject heading.

Application Form


  • Sophomore or Junior (Undergraduate)
  • > 2.50 CGPA ve >2.00 Term GPA
  • No disciplinary record
  • Being a dorm resident at SU dorms for at least two terms
  • Strong communication, problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Team player

Deadline:  April 21st Friday, 4pm