“Informative Peer Seminars on Undergraduate Programs” (IPSUP), is a series of presentations which aim to introduce the current areas of research and academic programs at Sabancı University to the university community. Promoting inquisitiveness, critical thinking and enthusiasm towards doing research stand out among the aims of these seminars. The Academic Support Program welcomes all students, freshmen as well as students in the Foundation Development Year, to participate these seminars.

The decision-making process in declaring a major is highly important. The Academic Support Program considers this series a facilitator in this process. The seminars are designed to link students who have already declared their majors with those who are going through the process of decision-making. Hosted and guided by Academic Support, juniors and seniors try to assist their friends in clarifying their academic goals by providing information and sharing their own knowledge and experience. The IPSUP is designed to have an interactive nature, which gives students a chance to see undergraduate programs and possible research areas through the eyes of their peers and encourages them to learn through their experiences.

The undergraduate curriculum of Sabancı University places a major emphasis on university projects that help the advancement of knowledge through research. These projects provide the most adequate way to understand the details of a particular field. They also create an opportunity for participating students to enjoy themselves by gaining practical work experience in their areas of interest. Thus, the Academic Support Program believes that the presentation of these projects plays a major role in the formation of the seminars. In addition to course-related student projects, personal research projects, extra-curricular activities, and student experiences gained within or outside the academic world, are all valuable sources to be included in these presentations.

The seminars welcome collaboration and cooperation from all of the units and members of Sabancı University. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty members, can play an active role in IPSUP.