Individual Programs and Program Aims

ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAM AIMS   Peer Discussion & Study Sessions Individual & Senior Tutoring Sessions Workshops HELP DESK IPSUPS Seminars and Subject Based Discussion Sessions ASP Student Asistant Training Sessions ASP Graduate Asistant Training Sessions PreNS and PreNSes Courses
1. promote peer support.                  
2. assist students in developing effective learning habits.                  
3. assist students in improving their academic success.                  
4. assist students to gain and use various academic skills in course-related subjects.                  
5. assist students to gain and use various academic skills in local and global subject areas.                  
6. contribute to the continuity of Academic Honesty and raise student awareness of ethics and its social applications.                  
7. introduce the current areas of research and academic programs at Sabancı University to the university community.                  
8. gives students a chance to see undergraduate programs and possible research areas through the eyes of their peers and encourages them to learn through their experiences.                  
9. provide assistance in areas of problem solving and study skills, time management, self-quizzing, speedy reading, analytical thinking, exam taking, and memory recall, etc.                  
10. promoting inquisitiveness, critical thinking and enthusiasm towards course topics and doing research.